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Asia is the most populous continent on Earth. In spite of this fact, Asia still lags far behind in the representation of its various minority communities due to its conservative society.

In 2019, Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.

This decision set a benchmark for other Asian countries to discuss the topic of same-sex marriages widely.

The film industry of the Asian countries stepped forward to take the matters in their hands and they have been successfully producing movies to sensitize the issue among the public.

The following is the list  of  some of the widely watched Asian gay dramas

SOTUS: The Series

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
SOTUS: The Series. Year of release: 2016. Country: Thailand

The backdrop of the story is an engineering college. Every year, the freshers have to undergo SOTUS (Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) system to obtain the gear. The gear is considered as the heart of an engineer. Arthit is the senior and head hazer who often abuses his power. The freshers silently obey him. Kongpob stands out as a fresher as he constantly questions Arthit’s actions. The two ends up having frequent arguments and Arthit turns harsh towards him. However, as time passes the two get closer and they end up being soul mates.

TharnType: The Series

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
TharnType: The Series, Year of release: 2019. Country: Thailand

In the series, Tharn and Type are the new roommates in a dorm who get along with each other really well. Problems start to arise between the two when Type’s friend tells him that Tharn is gay. Type is homophobic due to his childhood trauma. Type confronts Tharn and asks him if he’s really gay to which Tharn simply replies that he is. Type immediately asks Tharn to leave the room but Tharn refuses. A long battle starts between the two. Meanwhile, Tharn tries to help Type to overcome his trauma.

Love With Flaws

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
Love With Flaws. Year of release: 2019. Country: Korea

The story revolves around the life of four siblings. Joo Won-suk is one of the four siblings and works as a bartender. He is confident with his identity and has accepted himself for the way he is. However, his life was not always this way, he went through a period of self-denial and even attempted suicide. He was able to overcome it with the help of his supportive family. In the present time, he meets a young man in his bar who’s struggling with his identity. The two gradually starts spending more time with each other.

Love By Chance

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
Love By Chance Series. Year of release: 2018. Country: Thailand

"Ae" is the country bumpkin who plays soccer in his school. One day, Ae crashes with Pete while he was on his way to the school. Pete is the student of the elite school. The two start to cross their paths often after the incident and Ae starts to fall for Pete. Pete is cautious as he was manipulated before. When Ae confesses his feelings to Pete, Pete pushes him away. Ae is confident about his feelings and he continues to pursue Pete.

History 2 - Right or Wrong

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
History 2 - Right or Wrong. Year of release: 2018. Country: Taiwan

The movie throws light on the life of a single father. Shin Yie Ji is a single father who works at a university as a professor in the Department of Anthropology. Fei Sheng Zhe is one of his students. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, Fei Sheng Zhe becomes the nanny of Shin Yie Ji’s young daughter. Shin Yie Ji gradually starts to care for Fei Sheng Zhe.

History 3 - Make Our Days Count

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
History 3 - Make Our Days Count. Year of release: 2019. Country: Taiwan

Yu Xi Gu is a genius who works hard to get scholarships to support him. On the contrary, Xiang Hao Ting is a free spirit who tries to enjoy every second of his life and his academics are of least importance to him. Xiang Hao Ting ends up in a fight with Yu Xi Gu and in order to teach Yu Xi Gu a lesson, he starts to pester him. He even prevents Yu Xi Gu from attending the exams which he regrets later. Xiang Hao Ting at the end starts to fall for Yu Xi Gu as he learns about his simplicity.

Diary Of Tootsies: The Series

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
Diary Of Tootsies: The Series. Year of release: 2016. County: Thailand

The three gay best friends get their hearts broken on the same day. They call out their lesbian friend and get drunk on the beach while narrating their stories. They take a pledge the same day to embark on a journey to find their suitable matches before New Year. Will they be able to succeed?

2gether: The Series

10 Best Asian Gay dramas10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
2gether: The Series. Year of release: 2020. Country: Thailand

Tine has never dated a guy before. To get rid of a guy who’s constantly been trying to pursue him, Tine decides to get a fake boyfriend. He approaches Sarawat, the most popular yet mysterious guy of the institute. Sarawat agrees to become his fake boyfriend. As they get to know each other, their fake relationship has slowly started to turn into reality.

Theory of Love

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas | ayeyouth.com
Theory of Love. Year of release: 2019. Country: Thailand

Third and Khai are the members of 'The Savage Team' which consists of two other members. Third has a secret crush on Khai for the past 3 years. Khai is a complete playboy but he has a policy to not date anyone from his friend circle. Third has tried everything to stop having a crush on Khai but is unable to stop. However, after Third learns a truth about Khai, he’s completely heartbroken and finally decides to move on.

Dark Blue Kiss

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas _ ayeyouth.com
Dark Blue Kiss. Year of release: 2019. Country: Thailand

Pete and Kao have been together for a long time. Kao tutors students to ease the financial burden over his mother. Pete is still childish and is a possessive boyfriend. Misunderstandings start to rise when Kao starts to tutor a student in spite of his promise to Pete that he won’t be teaching the student. How will they be able to overcome this misunderstanding? Or, will it break their relationship completely?

[Bonus] Fathers

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas _ ayeyouth.com
Fathers. Year of release: 2016. Country: Thailand

The movie takes us to the rollercoaster ride as it narrates the story of a gay couple who tries to fight against the various societal prejudices to adopt their own kid. The movie questions the very notion of what a happy family means. At a point in the movie, they have to reluctantly send their kid to a straight couple so that the so-called notion of ‘normal family’ in the eyes of society is met. Is the kid ready to accept his new family leaving his fathers behind?

[Bonus] Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

10 Best Asian Gay Dramas _ ayeyouth.com
Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. Year of release: 2020. Country: India

In 2018, The Supreme Court of India scrapped section 377 of the Indian penal code that criminalized homosexuality. The movie narrates the story of Aman and Kartik, an Indian gay couple. The film showcases the lack of awareness about the LGBT+ community in Indian society. What will happen when Aman’s parents fix his wedding with another girl? Will he be able to come out of his nutshell and stand for his love?

It is to be noted that acceptance can't happen overnight. Acceptance needs awareness and discussion of the topic in the mainstream media. The depiction of homosexuality in the Asian film industry has received positive reviews from the public as the main aim of such movies is to make us realize that homosexuality isn't rare or something uncommon.

What are some of your favorite LGBT+ themed movies? Share with us in the comments section below.


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