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7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

So how many of you're on Tinder? Are you here because you want to open an account on the app? Or are you here because of mere curiosity just to know about why Tinder's still hot in the online dating world? Whatever be the reason for your presence here let's get started!

Before we proceed further, I would like the viewers to just keep an open mind while reading it. So the following are the 6 common myths of Tinder.

1) Tinder is just a hookup app

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

Tinder is just an app used by its users to meet the desired ends. Hence, it's totally upon the users however they want to use it. You can meet all kinds of people on this app and choose your potential matches from the same. Hold a conversation in the chatbox and if you find the clash of desires between you and your match then there is an unmatch option and you can just tap on it. Or else if you prefer then you can also ghost on them.

2) Tinder is just for "desperates"

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

Going back to the first point, the app has a great diversity of people on it. So, a mere generalization of the app as only for "desperates" is clearly a misconception. When I first used the app, I was often told by people that I wouldn't be able to meet any 'good people' on it. But two years to the app and I'm still using it and I've met 'good people' through the app who shared the same interest just like me.

3) You should leave your bio empty

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

While many people fill out their bio as 'Don't judge me based on my bio' or 'Swipe me right to know more', it's not the wisest thing that I would recommend. 90 percent of my Tinder matches started conversations based on the bio that I had filled out. Personally, I don't swipe to anyone without a bio. While only putting up pictures may do for some but most often it is not the case. There's a reason why you are given the 'bio box'.

Tip: A witty and playful bio is always recommended.

4) Tinder is only for casual relationships

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

I have personally built healthy relationships with this app. I have met many individuals on the app who were suffering from depression or who were having issues regarding sexuality. Being someone who has battled a bad phase of depression I felt a connection when I talked to them. The feeling that I wasn't alone was overwhelming. Interaction with people on this app has helped me to battle the prejudices that I had for as long as I could.

5) Women want you to sext them

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

When you ask a woman on the app if she's single and she replies with a 'yes', it isn't any sort of indication for you to start sexting with her. Grow up! She just answered the question that you asked just like any other questions. You need to understand that not every woman is comfortable with it. So, respect the opinion. But if the atmosphere is right, you're vibing, your interests and desires match then you can, of course, go with the flow.

Warning: You might be roasted by any woman if you try to bully them on the app.

6) Only good looking people are swiped right

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

What is your definition of someone who is 'good looking'? The very notion of 'good looking' individuals vary from one person to another and no notion of 'good looks' can be universal. So if you're someone who is looking to use the app but is hesitant because of your looks then I would suggest "Stop thinking too much. Just go ahead and use it". Put up your best pictures and an interesting bio than just wait.

7 Tinder myths busted _ ayeyouth.com

While Tinder is a great app it can also turn to be a nightmare just like any other apps. So, precision, alertness, and awareness must be maintained by the users of the app. All the Tinder matches might not lead to a happy ending and sometimes you might not even be able to get desired matches but this app is worth a try.

Add your own "tinder myths busted" in the comments section below. Happy Swiping!!


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