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Relationships have been the most sacred part of human lives. Most of us aspire for Prince Charming who would drove with his Tesla car and pick us up for a date.

However, not all dates end up being successful. Some even end up getting listed as one of the worst experiences of life.

Have you heard the stories of some crazy exes who would send shivers down your body?

1) You'll be the first and last person to know about it

I once dated a guy for 3 months. I never planned to know anything dark but he had a lot to tell about his past. While dating him, my mind was constantly restless and I had visuals of me constantly running on my head with no end. I decided to break up with him as he was getting possessive. After this, I suddenly stopped running. Later on, I realized that I was running from him. I still have dreams of him trying to kill me because I'm the only girl who knows his dark secrets.

He once told me, "You'll be the first and last person to know about it". It still sends shivers down my body.

2) Where's this tapping sound coming from?

I was in grad school when I met my ex. Our relationship just seemed out of a fairytale as it was my first relationship. She was everything I could ask for. After a few months, we started having fights as she started to invade my privacy. She would check my phones constantly, call me after every hour to question where I was and with whom I was. It was getting toxic, so I decided to break up with her.

I live with my parents and my room is on the first floor. Soon, after the breakup, I started to hear tapping sounds on my window. At first, I brushed it off as I thought it might be wind or birds. But then, after a week of continued tapping noise, I was annoyed and it was really weird as I heard it only around 1 a.m to 1:30 a.m.

So one night, I carried my badminton racket and went towards my window when I heard something heavy falling on the ground. I was alarmed and then I woke up my entire family. All of us rushed downstairs to check and that's when I found my unconscious ex-girlfriend on the ground. We took her to the hospital and we informed the police at the same time. She had fractured her left leg. The police interrogated her.

After a week, the police called us in the police station and we were informed that she was constantly watching me. All the window taps were from her. Her phone had pictures of my every move. I was being watched by someone, this entire time and I didn't know about it.

3) I hate knife emojis

One summer, a new transfer student joined our school. We started to get closer as we were part of the same project team for our summer projects. We started to hang out often and without my own knowledge, we had started to develop feelings for each other. Everybody soon came to know about us.

Then one day, I suddenly received a text from an unknown person saying that I am going to regret this relationship and it's better for me to leave my girlfriend as soon as possible. I was perplexed but didn't pay any attention to it. Days passed by and I received another text message telling me that it's still not too late. I decided to call up that number but nobody picked up. I thought it was a prank.

I often posted my girlfriend's pictures on Instagram. Then, I suddenly received an Instagram message request telling me, "I am the boy that your girlfriend stabbed. Just leave her when you have time". My jaws dropped but still, I decided not to think much about it as I just couldn't believe anyone who was not willing to reveal themselves.

However, that night I convinced my girlfriend to play a game titled "21 Secrets". I started to ask her funny questions to lighten the atmosphere and soon came to serious questions. I finally grabbed the courage to ask her "Have you stabbed someone before?". She didn't reply for the next 5 minutes and then she replied "Yes". My heart sank but I still continued to be in a relationship with her as she hasn't killed anyone or something.

We broke up after 1 month of dating as I came to know that she slept with my best friend. The night I broke up with her she slit her wrist and it had my name written on it. It was creepy. I thought I would call her the next morning. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that my phone was filled with over 100 text messages. All from her. It had pictures of her slitting her other parts of the body and also a lot of knife emojis. I was feeling uneasy to even leave for my school.

Nevertheless, I had a test at school and had to be there. I left for the school but then I was wary to open my locker which was next to hers. I talked to our school principal about the entire situation and she guided the authorities to check my locker. On getting checked, they found a knife which had dried blood on it, a cloth which must have been used to wrap her wrists, and then a letter stating "You'll always be mine. Escape if you can". She didn't attend school that day and was soon expelled from the school. I still can't forget that day.

4) Scheduled texts that I didn't subscribe for

I broke up with my ex as I was getting busy in my life with school and everything, I felt like our relationship was getting affected and I was unable to juggle at that moment. I told him about my concern and we agreed to be on break. The next day after our breakup I received a text from him thanking me for all the times that I had been with him. To which even I was grateful and I thanked him. I started to receive the same text messages over my phone at frequent intervals. When I didn't reply, he slowly started to send the text to me over WhatsApp with frequent intervals. It was like he had scheduled the messages. I decided to block him everywhere. I haven't talked to him after that.

5) Multi-faced exes

My ex was freaking multiple-faced. Sometimes, he would call me up to tell me that he loved me, and then the next moment he would be complaining about my exes. He would constantly blame everything around him for his benefit. I would often tell him that he should start looking at life in more positive ways. I told him that he needs help but he was unwilling to accept it. Then one day, he proposed to me to marry him after three months in a relationship. I was just 21 and still at college. I straight away said no. We still continued to be in a relationship. He started to be more possessive, passing out comments on my exes (I don't want anyone commenting on my past relationship). I continued to tell him that he should know his boundaries but he would constantly poke his nose. In the end, we broke up after 4 months in the relationship.

6) It wasn't tomato ketchup

I broke up with my ex-girlfriend because she often used verbal abuse at me and it was affecting my mental state. After a few days, I started to see figures following me which exactly looked like her, the way it walked and its hair (Note: I dated her for two years). I would often come home and see my vase broken or a ketchup bottle open. I would think that it must be the neighbor cat. When I would sleep on my bed, I would get her scent on my pillow. These events continued for 1 month.

One day I decided to come home early and to my surprise, I saw someone in the kitchen. Its hair was open and it was wearing all white. The figure had it's back towards me. I freaked out. I saw it fixing my ketchup bottle. I realized that it was my ex-girlfriend. As she noticed me, she smiled and said "Oh.. You're back. Welcome back. You're too early today" and she fixed the bottle cap of the ketchup and left. I was still perplexed about the whole situation. I sat on the sofa for an hour and tried to contemplate what had happened.

I finally went to check the ketchup bottle which I hadn't used since I found it open the other day. I smelled it. It didn't smell like tomato ketchup. It was something else. It smelled "PERIOD BLOOD". I was terrified and I literally drove my car to a nearby landfill and threw the bottle. After the incident, I never saw my ex-girlfriend again. I relocated from the place that night itself and I lived with my friend for sometime before finally going back to my hometown.

I decided to recite the whole ordeal to my mother again and she told me that in the olden times' people believed that it was the only way to keep your guy with you by MAKING HIM DRINK YOUR PERIOD BLOOD!

7) A remembrance for an egg

I dated a girl whose parents were both health workers. She decided to follow her parent's footsteps and even she decided to become a health worker. We were colleagues at first and then we started to date each other. She often had irregular periods and she was also on birth control pills. But to be extra sure, she would take pregnancy tests every month.

One day, she had a really heavy period and I was aware of the mood swings that one has when they are on periods. However, she was unwilling to accept that she was on her periods. According to her, I had impregnated her and the heavy bleeding signaled that she had a miscarriage (I saw her having periods just last month but she wouldn't acknowledge it). I told her to take a pregnancy test to which she wouldn't agree. Instead, she called her parents, our mutual friends, and all other possible people related to us to tell them about the miscarriage.

She played a victim game and made me look like a culprit of our so-called non-existent baby.

She didn't stop here. She bought some necklaces from an online store and gave name to her so-called 'egg' of that month and she was so sure that it was a boy with no tests done.

Crazy! She used the necklace as a remembrance for her egg.

8) I can't believe he did that

My ex-boyfriend killed my beloved dogs as he thought that I loved them more than him. He even had the audacity to stage it as if it was some natural death but I could literally see the marks on their neck of getting strangulated.

So, that's it for our picks of some of the craziest exes from the internet.

Had a similar experience with your ex? Share with us in the comments section below.

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