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“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” - Seth Godin.

The beauty industry is one of the most versatile sectors. It is estimated that the Indian beauty and personal care industry is estimated to reach a market valuation of USD 20 billion by 2025.

Bhagyashree Brahma Choudhury is a famous fashion blogger from Assam.


With her chic fashion sense, she has successfully garnered the following of over 11k followers on her Instagram account.

Camera reels always hide an untold story behind it. So, we, at AyeYouth took the opportunity to interview her and experience the never before side of our guest.

1) A little introduction about yourself?

  • Hi! I am Bhagyashree Brahma Choudhury. I am from Assam. Currently, I am living in Bangalore because of my work.

2) Would you call yourself an Instagram influencer?

  • Yes, I would. Definitely.

3) Why do you think that people follow you?

  • I think people follow me because of my content. I hope I can entertain them and provide them with knowledge and fun content.

4) What makes you unique from others?

  • I believe everyone is unique. No two people will be the same even if they are siblings. My style and the way I portray them in my social handles make me different from others. Also, the way I work or go about business makes me unique.

5) Have you ever considered entering beauty peasant?

  • No, never. I always knew that I will not qualify for it as I don’t have that kind of “height”.

6) According to you, what makes an Instagram model different from a runway model?

  • Instagram models are people who a brand reaches the audience. The brand can be anything. You name it we got it! Haha. Whereas runaway models showcase clothes and shoes from fashion designers. They are also called live models.

7) How do you keep your posts relevant?

  • I go with the trend. I try to keep up with the current trend and give it my own twist.

8) What are some of the mistakes that you think beginner beauty bloggers make?

  • Trying too hard. Quantity over quality. People will always go for the quality. No one wants to see you over and over again. But if you give one quality content people will be craving for more

9) Can you tell our viewers about your good to go outfit for all occasions?

  • My go-to outfit for all occasions would be a good pair of blue straight fit high waist denims and a solid beige v neck top. I can style it with all the types of shoes and accessories keeping in mind where I am heading to.

10) What was the breakthrough post that made you gain a large number of followers?

  • I think one post from my 24th birthday boosted up my Instagram handle. It has the highest number of likes. Many pages also gave me shoutouts because of that post which in return helped me gain followers.

11) Who is your role model?

  • My parents. They have such beautifully went through all the ups and downs in life and brought me up to be a responsible human being today.

12) How do you think your popularity has impacted you as a person?

  • I am not popular. I am yet to reach there haha. And that always keeps me motivated. However, if my lovely insta fam of 11.5k has changed me in any way, it would be that I have started to keep myself up to date, always have the mindset that I have to become the better version of myself and also love myself.

13) What is your future goal?

  • I would like to keep it a secret. They say certain things should be kept secret because the more people know about it the more chances are there that u might fail. Haha!

14) What is the message you'd like to give to the youth?

  • Always keep up your spirit. Don’t let yourself down for things that would be irrelevant to you in the coming days. Go with what makes you see a real future for yourself. Making mistakes Is super normal. Please don’t freak out if you just made a mistake but make sure u learn from it. And no matter what, you should never forget to remind yourself that you are no less than anyone.

You are unique, you are beautiful and you are extraordinary. You are here for a reason.

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