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Ever felt terrified to tell someone you love how much you needed their help or support? Or perhaps you’ve avoided bringing up an issue with a significant other because you didn’t want to seem inadequate or unlovable. Letting people in or opening up is not an easy process. But with a little bit of self-awareness and a few communication skills, you may just be able to comfortably communicate in that loving, authentic, and mutually supportive relationship you’re afraid to admit that you yearn for. 

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Have you ever thought about how much a single word can weigh? Or how it can touch or bruise someone?

Fear to open up is REAL. Many people suffer from it because opening up makes a person vulnerable and that is one quality that not everybody likes to show. Have you ever thought about how much a single word can weigh? Or how it can touch or bruise someone? Or maybe how much a single word can lift or slump someone’s spirit?

In this article, we will learn about how this phobia affects a child and what are the various reasons a child or teenager can find it hard to open up about their thoughts and feelings.

Fear and Pressure

There are many children or young adults who grow up in such toxic environment, where being belittled and shunned off along with mockery from their parents itself is the biggest enemy, which later on results in rejection of any kind of bonding’s from the family choosing to be alone and adapting a closed-off nature rather than having to open up. But closing off only burdens the weight on the shoulder and this can gradually make the person resort to self-harms.

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Silence is said to provide a sense of peace but do you know that silence can also be an outreach?

“Sternness” from parents is one of the main components that play an important role in parenting a child but an excess of it can settle fear in a child and push away from being free and open. They do learn to obey the orders but also take up the quality of not thinking for themselves. In the long run, they may also adapt the quality of not questioning authorities and just giving in to whatever is been told. 

Then comes “Peer Pressure”, it can make a child do certain things out of their will for pleasing their peers. And facing peer pressure along with the rules of the strict parents can often make them feel suffocated because there’s always a high chance of being ignored from both sides which will eventually raise up the frustrations and anxiety. This can lead to an early degradation in their mental health where they will start to second guess everything they do for the fear of getting judged.

According to the 2017 CDC WISQARS, suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for people of ages 10-24. And Four out of Five teens who attempt suicide gives out clear warning signs which have either been ignored or treated casually.

So remember that mental health matters in a child and one-third of the problems in adulthood will be starting from here itself because hiding behind a mask isn’t an option that someone can put up with forever. 

What we can do to help?

When no one else seems to understand a support group can provide a safe harbor in the midst of the storm. Support Groups are groups of people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement, comfort, and advice.

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Support Groups encourage and give advices to each other.

Support groups or counseling sessions for a child should be set up in the education institutes for helping them talk about things before they slip or sink deeper into the puddle. And talking about the inner feelings can lighten a person, this system has proved to be successful in helping some of the children facing difficulties in certain ways. 

Awareness is the answer

There are many who have managed to come under the light while others are still in the dark, who have been bullied, harassed verbally or sexually, but couldn’t speak up about it because of the lack of platform and supports, but today in the 21st century the platform to provide a helping hand has gotten wider, movements are created to support them, to give them a slight push towards positivity, a ray of hope or closure to move forward.

fear and power of opening up _ ayeyouth.com
People have gradually started to be more aware of the importance of mental health in a person.

Lately, in the recent times the people have gradually started to be more aware of the importance of mental health in a person right from the very beginning stage and have come forward to lend a hand in helping them without any ulterior motive, but help can only be successful when the person suffering sees the genuineness, which solely depends on the environment around them where they can trust it and speak up with no fear of getting judged by anyone. And that’s the only way a person can let go of the toxic thoughts and pain and see the world as a better place to live in, therefore mental health should be prioritized above anything regardless of the person’s age. And remember, there’s always a sign in front of the eyes no matter how mere they may be.

AyeYouth strives to bring awareness and help those who are in need. Write to us and we will do everything to help you.


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