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In the ‘race for survival’, local entrepreneurship is something one shouldn’t sideline.

Many people, particularly the youths coming up with their own business establishments or ventures is such an encouraging move.

For some, it’s their passion to create and give wings to their dreams. While for the other section it's their means of winning bread. Either way, it’s still something worthy of appreciation because gone are the days when people depended only on white-collar jobs or on the government alone.

The team of Aye youth had a conversation with some local entrepreneurs of Dimapur, a small city in the heart of Nagaland. They have shared their bold experiences and views and we would like to do a little on our part through this platform to promote them.

1. Mom’s Kitchen 709

Asongla Jamir is a postgraduate in literature and the owner of ‘Mom’s Kitchen 709’ which took birth during the lockdown. Mom’s Kitchen 709 is a home-based online food venture where Thai-inspired cuisines are sold.

Side by side she’s also actively involved in the bridal business with her sisters. Asongla's main objective is to develop the business potential of her society and also to help local people get employment in their own native area rather than migrating to other places. She’s of the view that the local people have been supportive all along however, she feels there is a need for better publicity and advertising houses in Dimapur to help promote entrepreneurs like her.

Furthermore, she opines that in order for local entrepreneurship to flourish the black-market syndicate monopoly needs to be broken, and also the issue of tax harassment by insurgents should be strictly dealt with.


2. Glitter Pop Unisex Salon

Aghali Chishi is a graduate and has a diploma as a beautician. She is the proprietor of ‘Glitter Pop Unisex Salon’, situated in Dimapur. With beautification being her forte, she hopes to serve her clients with the best quality service by helping them stay healthy, confident, and beautiful.

Starting up her own business has always been her passion and with this, she hopes to spread the message of dignity of labor. With the limited source of income, she has undergone many challenges during her initial days but she is hopeful to see the light of the day. Lack of support from the people sometimes leaves her dismayed.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are tools of publicity and networking that will help in the expansion of her venture, according to her.

She says, ‘‘Rome was not built in a day, so first built your foundation strong and always follow the work ethics’’.

For her, good customer service, punctuality, patience, honesty, and hard work are crucially important for the effective and efficient flow in a business. Lastly, she dreams of setting up more beauty parlors and employ more local people if her present venture succeeds by God’s grace.


3.The Naga Architects & Co.

Er. Vimhakhol Rhetso, a graduate in Technical Civil Engineering, and AR Sakutemjen Longchar, a graduate in Architecture, are a team of two individuals who go by the name ‘The Naga Architects & Co.’ Their area of specialty lies in structural modification, building designs and drawings, landscape planning, and anything related to construction.

Keeping in mind the increasing rate of unemployment in the state they first started off with freelancing and with the love and support from family and friends, they worked on some projects the previous year which gave them a push in their career. Their primary agenda of establishing their firm is to be their own bosses, to increase their area of expertise, to know the markets better, and to generate employment for fellow Naga youths in the near future through their projects. Everything has both pros and cons.

Likewise, they had to undergo certain challenges. Nagas generally rely on non-local workers and they consider hiring an engineer/architect is a waste of money so it becomes difficult to get clients. However, hiring an engineer or architect saves a lot of money because they avoid wastages and areas of utility through their surveys and designs.

The lack of availability of skilled and trained local workers also remains a challenge for them. They encourage the upcoming entrepreneurs to go for professional skills and knowledge before money and to build a team with equal work division. The future is uncertain but the two friends hope to expand their firm and team up with the state government someday.


The team of Aye Youth extends our love and support to each of you. May you excel and achieve your heart’s desire! We request all our readers and well-wishers to continue supporting local entrepreneurs in their endeavors.

A little act of kindness remains implanted in the hearts of the receiver and it’s a manifold blessing in return for the giver. Promote Local! Shop Local! Go Local!

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