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Kevin Systrom's photograph of a stray dog sitting near a taco stand in Mexico became the first image to be shared on Instagram.

Today, Instagram has over 1 billion active users worldwide with over 95 million photos and videos getting uploaded everyday.

Instagram remains one of the most loved social media platforms where anything can get famous in an instant.

We, at AyeYouth, decided to conduct an experiment to see if we could take advantage of this instantaneous nature of Instagram and gain 1k followers on a completely new Instagram account within 15 days.

For this occasion, we decided to use cats as we had very little time for a photo shoot, and hence, we decided to repost photos of cats from famous accounts with proper credits or from free sources which had the potential to go viral.

Day 1:

After having read a lot of articles on ways to gain organic traffic, finally, the D-day came. We didn't set any followers target on our first day.

By the end of the first day, we managed to gain 33 followers.

We read an article which stated that we should have as many photos as possible in the early days of our account.

The conclusion was that we uploaded a whole lot of 16 photos on our first day.

Day 2:

Again, we decided to start our second day with no strategy. We focused more on providing quality content. We followed over 100 accounts with the hope of getting followed back or at least noticed.

By the end of the day, we had 32 more followers on our Instagram account.

Day 3:

On our third day, we started to observe a pattern. We noticed that we gained the maximum number of followers (although it wasn't much) at a certain time.

Then, we started to focus on the timing and put up the maximum number of posts, and follow more accounts around the timing. We prayed for that one in a million chance to get followed back.

We gained 52 more followers on the third day. We had crossed 100 followers by the end of the third day.

To celebrate the occasion, we decided to share the picture of a cat-filled in vibrant colors created by one of the teammates.

Day 4:

After having gained 100 followers, we felt like there was a need to pay more attention to the details of the entire account (including bio, caption, highlights, followers, and posts).  Also, we started to use the story function more often.

To make our account look more appealing, we decided to make the best use of the highlights feature of Instagram.

By the end of the day, we had 68 new followers.

Day 5:

As the fifth day started, we realized that we had only 10 days left before we could hit our deadline. We would often go for a follow spree at a certain time when our followers were most active. We would visit the various fan pages and try to interact with the Instagram community with the hope of getting noticed.

The fifth day came to an end and we managed to gain not many but over 50 followers.

Day 6:

The sixth day sets in and we still couldn't manage to gain 100+ followers in a day. We were trying to figure out why our account didn't have many followers even after following all the mantras stated by famous articles and YouTube channels.

We started to follow the famous cat accounts in the hope that there might be someone like us who would want to gain followers for whatever reason and hence they would follow us.

By the end of the sixth day,  we had over 40 followers, which was much lower as compared to other days.

Day 7:

We were trying to keep our audience engaged in whatever way possible. Be it, a small cute video of a cat brushing teeth or a cat getting loved.

We kept following more accounts constantly and made sure that we always followed 100+ accounts per day.

By the end of the day, we managed to gain over 50 followers.

Day 8:

"Will we be able to hit the target?", this was the first question that struck me as I woke up from the bed. The next step that I took was to go through a few more articles and start my day.

As usual, I would search for pictures that had the maximum number of likes or what I expected was worthy to be shared. I, then simply repost it with a clear caption and waited for the results.

Meanwhile, keeping the account lively by posting every few hours and updating the stories of the Instagram account.

We performed the lowest that day, as we could only gain 18 followers.

Day 9:

After the previous day's result, we were quite disappointed but still decided to go by the mantras stated in the article. We were wary about following too many accounts per day as we could be flagged off as bots and our account could be suspended.

Hence, we followed accounts carefully and even if we followed many accounts, we ensured that the Instagram algorithm wouldn't read it as too many.

For the first time, we managed to gain over 100 followers in one day.

Day 10:

We had just 5 days left and we hadn't reached even half of what we had targeted for.

For our project to be successful, we needed to make the magic that occurred on the previous day to happen again.

Alas! The magic didn't happen again that day. By the end of the day, we could only gain 50+ followers.

Day 11:

There were only 4 days left before we could hit the deadline and we were still struggling to even get 600 followers.

By the end of the day, we had 60 followers to be exact, and nothing more or nothing less.

Day 12:

We were on the verge of failure. At this point, we were stressed. It was mainly because we haven't conducted such an experiment before and we had put our all in this experiment. We would start our day by posting a photo and end it by posting another photo.

Overnight, we gained 127 followers which implied that we still had hope.

Day 13:

On our thirteenth day, we decided to follow more number of accounts compared to what we had been following before with tiny breaks in between.

By the end of the day, we gained 93 followers.

Day 14:

We had to somehow gain over 200+ followers in two days to hit our target which didn't look much difficult after we could consistently gain about 100 followers for two straight days.

By the end of the day, we had gained 107 followers. Now, we just required 93 more followers.

Day 15:

We started our day, as usual, posting photos, interacting with the Instagram community, updating relevant stories, and following as many accounts as possible.

As the clock hit midnight, we were both curious and nervous to look at the results. As we opened the Instagram account, we realized that we had surpassed our target and we have gained 1,016 followers. After all, we did it!

There are a few points that I would like to pinpoint to the ones who want to gain followers.

1) Keep your posts relevant:

Your post is believed to be the representation of your values and principles. If you're representing a brand, be mindful of what you post.

2) Interaction is the key:

Instagram is a social media platform. Interaction is the key to bond with the Instagram community. If someone comments on your post, then you can either thank the person or even keep the conversation going in the comment box if the individual brings an interesting topic.

3) Stories and IGTV:

Make the best use of Instagram's features. If you post something interesting in the story, it'll encourage your followers to check your account and you'll have more chances of getting likes in your photos and videos.

4) Be mindful of Instagram's algorithm:

Instagram keeps on updating its algorithm to ensure that its standard is maintained. So, whether you want to follow accounts to gain followers or want to post a video, keep yourself updated with the latest changes.

Instagram, today, provides its users with various opportunities, be it, showcasing your talent in poetry, job hunting, starting your business, networking, or promoting your business.

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