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Dear Younger Self…

Hang in there…

I know sometimes things might seem really hard to you but you are going to turn out even better than you imagine!

Today I want to talk to you about your body image.

I know you struggle at times comparing yourself to others. I know you wish you looked like they do. I know the toll that it’s taking on you...all those negative thoughts that run through your mind.

I know inside you are insecure with the girl staring back at you in the mirror.

But I want to tell you how much, with time, you are going to step into your own beauty. Oh! if only you could see the things I know about you now, you would see how beautiful you are.

So what I will tell you is stop comparing yourself to others. You will never find happiness doing that.

There will always be someone else who has better clothing, better shape, brighter eyes, prettier smile, nicer hair, longer legs, hotter body. The world you live in wants to say you have to look a certain way in order to be beautiful... but that world is lying to you.

Stop letting it make you feel inadequate.

What would you tell your best friend about how they look when they are insecure? Why would you treat yourself any harsher than you would your best friend?

The people in society who have created what “the perfect image” looks like… they too have insecurities inside themselves. You will come to realize this in a very profound way over time, however, for now, stop thinking you have to look like them in order to be beautiful.

Stop giving them all your power!

Look in the mirror my dear misguided Younger Self and find one thing that you like about yourself! Focus on that for now. Enhance that piece you can see as beauty! Maybe it’s not a physical attribute right now.. maybe it’s how you can put clothes together or maybe it’s how you can use color whatever it is focus on enhancing that.

I promise you if you begin to interact with yourself in ways that make you experience joy, you will find your beauty.

Start with how you see, think, feel, and treat your own self. That is the secret to finding your own unique beauty. There are so many ways to be beautiful… Do not fall into the trap that tells you otherwise.

Excite in finding what makes you uniquely beautiful in your own way and embrace that.

And when you do think about your body’s image, go through all the thoughts inside your head and ask yourself “Which ones bring me peace?”. Those are your truth! Focus on them.

You are beauty in action... unfolding... emerging... at times awkwardly... at times slowly... be patient with yourself and know I love you....

With all my heart,

Your Older Self

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