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Dear Younger Self,

Hi beautiful... I know times are rough right now. I know what’s going on in that head of yours, even the secret stuff… You know the stuff that’s deep inside that you’re afraid to share. I know you are tired and the road feels like it’s been long already. I know how much you want me to snap my fingers and make all the suffering go away. But because I love you so much I’m going to tell you... even if I had that superpower I would not do it.

Yes, you have some dark days ahead of you, but oh if you could see what is on the other side of all that darkness.

I know you do not think you have the strength to continue...but you do.

I may not have the superpower of snapping my fingers as your older self but I do know that you have the superpower to make it through all of this. These moments are not tearing you apart and bringing you down like you think they are. These moments are shaping you and molding you into an incredible human. I am sure you’ll think I’m full of it when I say this but you will love who you become and you will be thankful to these moments for what they give you. But... you.... must... wait!

You cannot give in to the feelings inside you that want to call it a day. You cannot buy into the self-talk that is going through your mind that tells you nobody cares. You cannot listen when your emotions tell you you would be better off dead. You cannot let the feelings of despair outshine your ability to hang on. You have what it takes.

The only way you will lose is if you stop playing the game.

It is time to begin to search inward to trust your own self.

I know you do not feel like you can trust others around you but you can learn to trust yourself, this I promise you. I also promise that people want you around. I promise you that you have a light inside of you that wants to be here. So on those dark nights when you don’t think all of this is worth it anymore, talk to that part of you that still wants to be here… She’s in there or else you would not have read all the way down to this part of this letter. So call upon her... that part inside that DOES have the desire to live. Let her be the piece, no matter how small, you connect to that keeps you going.  And if you can’t find that piece then do it for someone else… I don’t care who you do it for… Just do it!

Reach out, talk, let yourself cry, let yourself break down, you do not need to hold this in any longer!

You are not the problem and you can rise above all that is going on inside. The right people will come into your life to help you. That is how life happens. The right people always come in when we are ready at the right moments… TRUST THIS PROCESS.  You are not alone and so many great people have felt exactly what you’re feeling and they have gone on to live incredible lives, and YES this can happen for you too.

Whatever you do, don’t give up… Don’t stop trying. Because the world that waits for you on the other side of this darkness is a world that shines so bright because you have known darkness. You may not believe me right now but… U WILL BE REWARDED!

I see you... I love you... hang on


Your Older Self

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