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Dear Younger Self,

I know you’re feeling so much pressure to figure out your life right now... Find out who you are, how to prepare for the future, figuring out what you want to be, making your family proud. The list goes on and on.  And it’s true, you are in a pivotal time of your life where you have a lot of choices to look at. But let me tell you somethings you don’t know, somethings I have learned over the years...

Opportunity does NOT knock only once. If you make a wrong choice it CAN be undone.

Matter of fact, I have even learned that no choice is completely wrong because we either gain something from it in the way of a lesson or as a reward, and trust me both will do you good.

That balance you’re trying so hard to maintain, well it’s something you will get better at over the years as you learn to juggle more in different ways. That all-important decision you’re contemplating so hard... it will unfold in time if you stop and look at the clues life is giving you.

Here’s the secret my younger self, you WILL make mistakes...so stop fearing them.

Through your good decisions you WILL make decisions that make things harder or take longer, so stop struggling with them. You WILL be rewarded and you WILL learn lessons... that’s how life goes. So stop trying to make it all perfect.

If there’s one thing I could tell you that I know now and didn’t know when I was you, it is to pay close attention to your likes and dislikes. Those are clues telling you where your passion lies. Oh and that’s the other thing, work smart and hard but don’t ever do anything without passion behind it because then it's just simply work.

Notice what you are doing when all of a sudden it’s been an hour because the time flew but you didn’t realize it... That’s something special.

Take a step back and look at what comes easy to you as far as your skills go and go towards them.

Life is not all about the right decision, it is about making choices here and there as you proceed through it. Each choice guides you. So relax my younger self, I promise you LIFE is happening FOR you, not TO you.

In time, all your choices will continue to lead you but you must leave yourself open and observant to follow life’s clues. So relax, breathe, and enjoy… Before you know it dear younger self you will be me so enjoy the time you have to still be you. If you let it Life can be delicious even the gritty hard to chew pieces.

 ~ Tara Patricia

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