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Dear younger self,

I wanna talk to you about love. I know you’re searching for that love of your life. That “one” who will finally make you feel the love that you desire.

Well, I’m here to tell you that person will come in time but first, you must learn to love yourself. I know I know that’s what mom always said: “blah blah blah... before you can love anyone else you have to love yourself... you will grow to love them... blah blah blah”, But the fact is she was right.

You see so often we search for that love in others. We unconsciously go around looking at people asking the question “Do you have my love?” One by one we go through our partners recognizing eventually no they did not have our love.

The truth of the matter is no one will ever truly have your love. The only person who can have that is you. And by searching for it in others actually becomes a distraction from you taking the time to truly love yourself.

The only person who love you is YOU.

So you have a choice… You can use your relationships as a bonus to your life. They can become a chance for you to experience the joy of sharing the love you have for yourself with another person who actually loves themselves as well. Or you can continue to endlessly search for someone else to fill your need, which they will never be able to do.

Trust me I have done it and the first way is the best! Love yourself my dear sweet younger self.... it will make all the difference!

With my love,

Your Older Self

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