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Hello, this is Tara Patricia.

Letter To My Younger Self - Tara Patricia | ayeyouth.com
Tara Patricia - Author, Motivational Speaker & Self Transformation Coach

I am an author, motivational speaker, and Self Transformation Life Coach for people trying to overcome their circumstances and live a better life.

I am thrilled to announce that AyeYouth has asked me to periodically write for their website!

So very soon I will be starting a section called “Letters to My Younger Self”, where I share my thoughts as an “older me” and what I have learned to my “younger me”, who was going through things and needed someone.

However, before I put out the first letter I thought it would be nice for you all to know a little bit about me and why it would be good to read what I write.

You may stop and ask yourself “What in the world does a white, 52-year-old, female from America know about what I am going through in my life right now?".

That’s an excellent question and I’m glad you asked it!

The answer is... while the situations you may encounter have changed over time, our cultures may be different, and our experiences unique to each of us... the emotions behind what we experience and what we go through have not changed.

I had lunch with my daughter, who is 17, and her friends the other day and I began to talk about this with them.

We realized quickly that even though HOW we are experiencing things may have changed, WHAT we experience was exactly the same.

I am not here to tell you how to do things or what you should or should not do or be. I believe truly we each already have inside of us the answers that we need to live our best life.

But what I am here to do is to share with you how I remembered who I am through the process of life (and I do have many more years in this race than most of you 😄).

These years have provided me time to learn, grow, and find answers and reasons that I did not have in my youth. And these are what I would love to share. I would like to be the person I needed in my life when I was your age.

Throughout my life I have encountered many situations, I have had the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and everything in between.

In my younger years through to my very early adult years, I.... was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

I have overcome depression, anxiety, panic, as well as both thoughts of suicide and an attempt. I have overcome a learning disability that went undiagnosed for years.

I have dealt with body image issues and bullying. I have dealt with the feelings of disappointment from my parents and felt I was never good enough in their eyes.

And I have put others before me, completely losing myself in an attempt to make people like me.

I have turned to some not so healthy coping skills like partying and relationships to try to replace the love that I was missing for myself.

I have experienced self-doubt, self-hatred, self-sabotage, and loneliness to name a few.

I have also healed from all of those issues and have found great strength and love for myself on the other side.

I went into Psychology to give back and I worked for almost a decade with suicidal adolescents helping them through their times as well. I have seen great highs and traveled the world.

I have found many loving faces throughout all my years and I have found a great love of cultures inside me. I have both educated and submerged myself in many of the cultures on this beautiful Earth.

I have had incredible experiences which let me know even though I had all that pain inside this world still was a beautiful place.

In my older years, I have experienced bad relationships as well as good ones... divorce as well as happiness and motherhood.

And I have experienced traumatic brain injury and an incredible journey of healing, overcoming, and dealing with now some chronic illness issues due to my brain.

I have come now at a time where I look back at my life and I see and recognize that it was always happening FOR me not TO me. I recognize all my experiences as gifts and see how they have made me the incredible woman who stands in front of my mirror looking back at myself.

I have found such a joy in life and it is my passion to give this back to those who are emerging from their cocoons becoming the beautiful butterflies they are meant to be.

It is my honor to share my life’s journey and speak to the younger Tara in these letters, letting her know what I have learned so that you may have the opportunity to read them and see what she needed at the time and did not know. It is time for your light to continue to illuminate from within... And it is my honor to create a space where it is safe for you to come, read, grow, shine, and become.

I am blessed for this opportunity and for sure the light inside of me bows to the light inside of you. Thank you and I look forward to this next part of my journey.

So without further ado... “Letters to My Younger Self” by Tara Patricia.

Letter To My Younger Self - Tara Patricia | ayeyouth.com
From Harness to Heels; Finding Love Within the Spin by Tara Patricia

Tara holds a Masters in Psychology with five years of Advanced Post Graduate Studies in both Clinical and Neuro-Psychology and is a Certified Life Coach.

Tara is an international writer and speaker in the field of Self Transformation. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has overcome PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicide, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

She is the author of From Harness to Heels; Finding Love Within the Spin.

Are you excited about "Letters To My Younger Self"? Write to us in the comments section below.

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