Rise of Domestic Violence Amidst This Pandemic | ayeyouth.com

Rise of Domestic Violence Amidst This Pandemic | ayeyouth.com
Relationships are one of those precious threads that bind us all together.  

In a certain way, a relationship can bloom a person like a bright flower but can also strain them into a tight hold like the fallen petals of the flowers.

This pandemic year of COVID-19, the ‘6 feet apart’ rule has put a test on relationships for real in both the perspective of positivity and negativity, weighing more towards the latter.

Being stuck inside the four walls with the loved ones/partners has rung bells in the minds of people; when on one side, the pandemic hasn't stopped the love birds from tieing the knot, on the other side, there has also been an increase in the rate of divorces and domestic abuses.

It is scary how things have taken a shift within a short period, these last few months when the world has gone into lockdown, it has visibly put a shift in the perspectives of people in various fields.

Rise of Domestic Violence Amidst This Pandemic | ayeyouth.com
COVID -19 has brought out the colors that humans tend to cover up behind their uncountable masks.

Increased arguments or fights have reportedly occurred in almost half the households worldwide because people being stuck with their partners 24x7 and every single thing they do has come into view.

Hence, without being able to resort to their usual distraction or support systems amidst this situation has been responsible in a way for the mishaps.

In this short while, after the pandemic had enveloped over everything, it's the relationship that needs to molded-in these hard times, because it has been seen that almost all the people have decided upon one same thing during this period 'an out after this [pandemic] gets over’, for it is a show where the artist and the spectators are both themselves.

The burden has fallen on the shoulders of both male and female at this period of utter hardship but it is also seen that the financial burden has mostly crept up on the men and most women tend to receive the end burden of carrying the household responsibility at least 25% more than the former; this fierce phenomenon has proven to be correct in various situations all over the world.

This dooming period of isolation and restriction for any kind of movement in the open due to the virus has also given a rising drive in the rate of domestic violence against women to at least 37% (second highest prevalence) in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, according to WHO.

Nearly 50% increase in domestic violence in India itself, according to NALSA at The Times of India.

Therefore, where it is known as the relationship to be hard to work for, partners aren't supposed to be punch bag's in a literal way.

This period will get over at one point in time, vaccines will be developed eventually and the said 'normalcy' will return in a while, but will there ever be any vaccine to stop this atrocity?

According to News18, more than 1.5 billion children have been dropped from school due to the commotion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In India, schools have been shut since the end of March. While many of those schools have moved to a system of online classrooms, it is not applicable or suitable to many others who have only heard of the word 'Google'.

Over the last decade, India passed the landmark Right To Education (RTE) Act that made education free and compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and 14 in 2009. The enrolment of girls in schools has increased but for many reasons, the RTE Act did not help in keeping girls in schools.

The shutting down of schools has made the already difficult lives of young girls more challenging, especially in rural areas of the country.

Just like the previous situations during the Ebola crisis, the young girls are forced into a marriage at such tender ages.

Among all other raising issues, child marriage is one of the thought that crosses in many of the parents' mind as their financial situation degrades, while boy children are mostly sent out to schools girls wound up being unable to go to schools, these have happened increasingly during this time around for one of the sole reason - the unending spiral of housework.

An estimated 12 million girls worldwide are married every year before they could even turn 18, which means nearly one girl is married off every three seconds.

The UN has warned that the pandemic could lead to an extra 13 million child marriages over the next decade.

"Even before COVID-19, girls in India did substantially more unpaid care work than boys. This mirrors Indian adults – Indian women have among the highest number of hours spent per day on care work (297 minutes a day) while Indian men have among the lowest (31 minutes)", said Antara Ganguly, Gender Specialist at UNICEF India.

"Here in India, girls are generally less likely than boys to graduate from secondary school. We are concerned that as COVID-19 impacts parents’ ability to invest in all their children’s education, some of these tough choices will come down even harder on girls", said Ganguly.

Hereby, in India to protect these victims that have fallen prey to these disturbing situations, helps from the NGO's or local women groups (private and Govt. both) have come forward as a helping hand for the women, providing support to them when reported of the cases/incidents.

But there is also a massive number of women who can't even try to seek help, costing even their life in the process. And with the increasing accessibility of technology in urban and in most of the rural places all over the country the reach out’s has been an easier step to many of the victims out there.

The government has issued certain helpline to reach out for bits of help for the needed with many incredible help teams.

The following helpline numbers can be noted, that can come in handy in a time of need; issued by the National Commission for Women.

For Women In Distress

Rise of Domestic Violence Amidst This Pandemic | ayeyouth.com
Helpline Numbers for Women facing Domestic Violence

Legal Aid

Rise of Domestic Violence Amidst This Pandemic | ayeyouth.com
Legal Aid Helpline Numbers for Women

Tarshi - Counselling System for Reproductive Issues

Rise of Domestic Violence Amidst This Pandemic | ayeyouth.com
Reproductive Guidance & Helpline Numbers for Women

At this hard time whilst the pandemic, the first and foremost thing that a person needs are their loved ones who understand them, a hand that can uphold them from sinking deeper. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has done a number on the world with various crisis, but surrounding themselves with positivity will give a reason to face the new day.

What are your plans after the pandemic? Are you facing domestic abuse? Write to us today.


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