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Teenage is considered to be one of the most rebellious stages in a person's life.

[Teenage is used interchangeably with the term adolescence.]

Adolescence is the transitional phase in a person's life, wherein psychological and physical development takes place before a person can attain adulthood.

Teenage years are hard on both parents as well as kids.

However, what if an adolescent becomes a parent herself?

Yes, we are going to talk about "Teenage Pregnancy" in today's edition.

Every year in India, the NCERT school textbooks introduce the chapter on human reproduction from the 8th standard which is one of the positive steps taken towards promoting the talk on sexuality and to help them address the misconceptions that go around when we are unaware of our own body and the various changes taking place within it.

However, it comes as an utter shock that even today there isn't much discussion about it in classes and some Indian schools even ignore the whole chapter!!??

Sex education is considered taboo in Orthodox Indian society.

This often makes it difficult to address important issues such as the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

It is reported that developing nations are more vulnerable to teenage pregnancy than developed nations. This is mainly due to poverty, lack of education, and lack of proper help.

Why discussing teenage pregnancy is important?

1) According to WHO, pregnancy-related complications or childbirth are one of the leading causes of death worldwide for girls aged between 15 to 19 years of age.

2) Population explosion is a serious topic of discussion. At this crucial point, ignoring teenage pregnancy can lead to the failure of the whole population control strategy.

Studies have shown that a teenage mother is likely to have more children in her lifetime.

3) Teenage pregnancy can occur due to various reasons, sexual abuse can be one of the reasons. If a teen is pregnant with her perpetrator's child, it may have a toll on her mental and physical well-being. This may ultimately result in suicide or lifelong trauma.

4) A girl child should have the right to education. After the pregnancy, a teen may be forced to discontinue her schooling and may never have the chance to get back in school.

5) Teenage is the most rebellious phase in a person's life. Sexual curiosity starts to develop.

Teenage pregnancy can also be the result of peer pressure.

We all have a certain point when we want to be included in a certain group.

Just imagine a scenario, everyone around you is bragging about their sexual encounters and you end up as someone who never had such an encounter then there is a high possibility that you might want to try it but you turn out the unfortunate one as you find yourself pregnant due to no prior information on birth controls.

Hence, a teenager who is not completely adult or child anymore should be treated like a 'teenage'.

Sex education should be made compulsory in schools. There should be classes on birth control methods.

Often when we talk about teenage pregnancy, we forget to address issues of teenage fathers.

A teenage father may be jailed for having sexual intercourse with a girl of the same age as the consensual sexual intercourse may be deemed illegal and in the worst scenario, a rape.

This is followed by a teenage father having to embrace fatherhood at a time when he's not economically or mentally stable. This issue isn't new but there has been less study done on the topic as compared to teenage pregnancy.

According to a study conducted, the news of fatherhood came as a shock to many teenage fathers as they had no plan for it. This news was followed by phases of self-denial, decision making, and verdict.

Many teenage fathers preferred the option of abortion at first as they were still in school, fear of shaming that would follow, and financial dependency on their parents. While some were forced to marry their child's mother, others willingly accepted to take responsibility as the father.

There are also instances when both parties agree to abortion as the best option.

Many helpline numbers have been issued by the government in order to address the issues of the teens. There has been an uprising of NGOs as well who claim to give mental support to the teen in need and have a conversation if they prefer.

AASRA is an example of one such NGO which mainly focuses on addressing mental health issues of all age groups. They are known for their 24x7 service strategy.

There can be no denying that both teenage parenthood and teenage pregnancy needs to be discussed openly.

In a country like India, where child marriages are still prevalent, sex education should be given priority.

Humans make mistakes. There is a lesson which follows after every mistake.

A teenager may not have full control of his/her life but if they decide to willingly embark on this journey of parenthood, he/she shouldn't be shamed and proper counseling should be provided.

Do you know anyone who has gone through teenage pregnancy or fatherhood? Write to us.


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