The Untold Story of Photo Editing |

The Untold Story of Photo Editing |
We all have to agree that beauty is something that attracts us to an object or subject.

Beauty has been defined as, "a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight", by the dictionary. But, what beauty actually means for someone is often contradictory.

Beauty is abstract.

With ever-increasing beauty standards, the photo-editing apps and software have come as a rescue for most of us who are often couch potatoes but would still like to click that perfect picture for their own satisfaction or to update their feed of social media accounts.

So, how old is the photo-editing industry?

The Untold Story of Photo Editing |
Photo-editing has been a common practice amongst humans for about 16 decades now.

The first photo that is known to be edited was of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s. Today, with the advancement of technology, photo-editing has turned into a multi-million dollar business.

With over thousands of photo-editing apps looming in the app stores, photo-editing has become accessible for all.

Instagram, which is one of the largest photo-sharing apps has over 95 million photos uploaded each day. So, how many of them are authentic, and how many are edited?

Over the years, photo-editing has accumulated 'supporters' as well as critics. The supporters have to say that photo-editing gives them the freedom to enhance the beauty of the pictures as the cameras available in the stores still can't fully capture the beauty of the subject. Some say that photo-editing allows them to remove certain blemishes which may otherwise ruin the entire picture.

The Untold Story of Photo Editing |
Photo-editing gives users the freedom to add their own flavor to the pictures.

Human's innate desire to be known for their individuality is also one of the reasons behind the expansion of the photo-editing industry.

The critics, on the other hand, are wary about the unrealistic photos that have accumulated on the internet. Social Media influencers are the ones who are often called out for their 'photo-editing skills'. They are often projected to judgment by the people for their influence in the minds of their young followers.

A subject stated that the influencers have set the bars of editing too high that posting a photo without editing in the Social Media sites give them insecurities.

Some people even opt for surgery at a very young age to meet the increasing standards of beauty promoted by Social Media influencers.

In order to address the issue, some influencers have decided to come up and speak about the topic.

One of the influencers stated, "I represent a brand and I'm bound to present the perfect image of myself so that people buy the products represented by me. It has become part of my job. In today's world, where there is cut-throat competition, I have to keep myself updated with the latest trends to appeal to my followers", while the other influencer had to say, "Well, editing is an art. I see no fault in editing my pictures. As a human, even I strive for perfection, editing apps and software allows me to be my imaginary self. I get total freedom to enjoy my creativity".

The Untold Story of Photo Editing |
The uprising of Social Media has directly played a major role in the promotion of various photo-editing apps.

While, if photo-editing is a boon or a curse is still a debated topic, it is to be noted that photo editing apps and software have come a long way.

Today, we can see photo editing everywhere, ranging from capturing vital moments of your life to building a brand image.

It is expected that the photo editing software market will reach USD 1042.9 million by 2025, from 868.2 million in 2019 ( Source: GlobeNewswire).

Amid the global pandemic, which has shut the world into a pandora box with no certainty of the future, people are finding new ways to connect with others to share their stories. Many photographers have decided to capture these moments in the camera and turn it into the narration of the countless stories of life in quarantine.

The Untold Story of Photo Editing |
Embrace the suck. #inittogether. Credit - Natriya Rampey Photography

'Porch Portraits' is the latest trend in photography. It is the kind of photography, in which the photographer captures the quarantine story of a family in a photo from a safe distance.

At this crucial point, photo-editing has helped many individuals to give an in-depth story of the background in which the photos were taken.

How has photo-editing affected your life? Share with us in the comments section below.


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